Our beautiful pieces are the result of impressive design, stunning color combination and a smooth transition between colors. In order to achieve this color shifting, we use geometrical and arithmetical mathematical equations to create 261 colors, almost three million color combinations and over seventeen million color permutations. All of these by mixing only 3 colors… yellow, blue and magenta. It’s just that simple!

How many color combinations can you make when choosing 3 colors out of 261 colors? 2,929,290 color combinations and 17,575,700 color permutations. Why the difference between these two numbers? Because the order where each of the colors is going to be placed matters. It is not just picking 3 colors, out of 261 different colors. It is also picking where the colors chosen are going to be placed in your eyewear. How do we know this? We didn't invent mathematics. We just applied the formula for combination and permutations. You can do your own calculations by clicking here.
Pick the colors you like from the following color tables before you make a customized order and let us know by sending us a message by clicking here. Beware your final piece may have a slight color change due to different color calibration among computer monitors.